"Smoking Can Be Beneficial to Your Wealth"




Compro Aviation, Inc offers smoker kits and individual components specifically built for individual aircraft.  It also custom builds components used in the construction of Yesteryear Aviation's Boeing PT-17 Stearman Smoker kits.

Compro Aviation, Inc was founded in 1973 by Dan Edwards, an owner/operator of an aerial spraying business.  He saw a need to be able to visually see the wind drift while spraying so he created Compro to build Agricultural Aircraft Driftfinder/Smokers.  To date, over 4800 serial numbered units have been installed along with over 200 additional non-STC smokers to other aircraft including: Vans RV-4 and RV-6, Skybolt, Piper Super Cub, Bellanca, Super Viking, Citabra, Scout, Stinson, Voyager, Hatz Biplane, FW-149, Stearman, Waco, North American T-6 and SNJ, Cessna 172, T-41 and Yak 18.  

Dan was awarded the Delta Air Corporation "Puffer Award" at the National Agricultural Aviation Association Convention in 1984.  The award was created to honor an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the design of agricultural aircraft and/or related equipment.  

Kevin Ross purchased the company in October, 1990 and continues to operate it to this day.

​Return Policy: 30 Day Money Back guarantee, Excluding Freight.